Monthly Archives: April 2015

Recent Export of Breeding Pigs from Ireland to Armenia

The first export of breeding stock from Ireland to Armenia was successfully shipped recently. The animals were sent to ‘Vamax, Company’ a mining and agricultural company based in the South East, close to the border of Iran. These were for the population of a new view more

Hermitage Genetic Nucleus in Russia Sloboda Farm Starts Selling Breeding Stock

The Hermitage Sloboda Nucleus was officially opened by the Governor of the Vologda Region, Mr Oleg Kuvshinnikov on 21st August 2014. This nucleus is the first official Hermitage genetic production centre in Russia. The total amount invested into this project was €10.5 million. This project view more

Hermitage Meat Quality Evaluation

Dr Paul Allen, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown. As part of the on-going Meat Quality evaluation of its lines, Hermitage have completed their latest benchmarking trial on their Landrace and Large White Maternal lines with 30 gilts of each breed slaughtered and cut at the view more

Impact of Piglet Birthweight on Profitability

Dr. John Mabry, Professor of Genetics, Iowa State University People who have raised pigs have long realized that the birth weight of a piglet is associated with it potential to make a profit for the pig farmer.  I will refer to this as the ‘Route view more