Monthly Archives: December 2015

Sire Line Evaluation

Sire Line Evaluation (R& D Project 3) Hermitage has established a 120 sow hybrid herd on its nucleus unit for its sireline progeny evaluation. Hermitage understands that continuous sire line evaluation is critical to the advancement of the Hermitage product portfolio. Terminal lines investigated view more

Selecting to Meet Traits of Future Economic Importance

All Hermitage Terminal line females that are selected for breeding in the nucleus herd have an individual FCR below 2.40 which is generated during the feeding period from 58kg to 110kg bodyweight. Their progeny when mated with boars of FCR below 2.10 are now targeting view more

Continuous Improvement in Hermitage Maternal Line Programmes

Update on Hermitage R&D Programmes: Hermitage’s Research and Development programme for the next two years commenced in January 2015 under the supervision of Dr Patrick Varley and the Hermitage team. The programme will utilise the expertise of Universities and Research Institutes. Work will be view more