ISO9001 CertificateScreen Shot 2014-10-31 at 08.19.16ISO9001 Approved AI Stations
Pig Genetics also operate our AI stations to the ISO9001 Quality Standard which is a world recognised Quality Management System and an integral component of Hermitage’s operations worldwide. Compliance with the ISO scheme demonstrates the companies’ commitment towards the production of high quality products and services and thereby optimising customer satisfaction and production efficiency. The entire system is independently audited on an annual basis and has been approved with the ISO9000/9001 Quality standard since registration in 1997.

Feed Deliveries

Full control on the movements, washing and disinfection protocols for the deliveries of feed to the Callan AI Station. Outside feed lorries are not permitted to deliver feed to the Callan AI Station. Chosen feed manufacturers must operate to the highest quality control and traceability standards. The boar feed cannot contain any animal by-products.

Site Security
Additional security fencing has been installed at the Callan boar stud and additional security cameras have been added to the perimeter of the site. These security cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The only vehicles permitted to enter the Callan AI Station are the staff cars, the designated feed trailer, and the boar movement trailer’. Once the semen has been collected, analysed, processed and packaged, it is brought to our central dispatch depot at Sion Road using the Callan AI Station laboratory van. Semen couriers are not permitted to visit the Callan AI Station and courier vehicles depart from Sion Road only for delivery of semen to our customers nationwide.

Reserve Stud
In addition to the Callan AI Station (EC013), Pig Genetics Ltd. also operates a second EU licenced (EC009) AI Station in Ireland which is used as a reserve stud.

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