Classic Hybrid™ Females

Maternal Lines

imagefile (8)Hermitage Classic Hybrid™ parent females are renowned for their prolificacy, longevity and mothering ability.

The combination of hyperprolific maternal genes from the Hermitage GGP Landrace and Large White populations, enhanced by heterosis when crossed, ensures that the Classic Hybrid™ females are among the most productive parent sows available on the market today.

In addition to optimum prolificacy, the Hermitage Classic Hybrid™ also produce uniform slaughter pigs with maximum growth, lean potential and carcass quality.

• Maternal Line LR crossed with Maternal Line LW
• Hyperprolific.
• Superb Temperament and Mothering Ability.
• Excellent Growth and Appetite.
• Strong Legs and Bone.
• Proven Longevity.
• Halothane Negative.
• Excellent Carcass Results of Progeny.
• Adaptable to different production systems worldwide.

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