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HERMITAGE MATERNAL GENES – Unique in the World of Pig Genetics

imagefile (2)Porcine Embryo Transfer is a key tool facilitating the high health transfer of Hermitage Genetics worldwide. The top performing sows in the Hermitage pyramid are identified through their BLUP value and their Maternal and Terminal Line Indices. These super elite sows are some of the most productive GGP lines on the planet.

Using the ‘Hermitage Mate Select’ software, these top performing sows are inseminated with the highest indexing A.I. boars to ensure the highest genetic merit in the progeny. Embryos are then recovered from these select matings and transferred to customer herds and Hermitage nucleus units worldwide.

Hermitage works with a world class team of reproductive physiologists and embryologists to synchronize the donor and recipient sows and to recover, grade and culture the embryos prior to shipping worldwide.

Embryo Transfer technologies offers numerous advantages including:

Bio-Secure transfer of nucleus genetics to herds worldwide.
Reduced generation interval as 100% of the new genome is introduced into the herd using Embryo Transfer.
Hermitage BLUP and Mate Select programmes used to plan embryo transfer matings.
Allows customers direct access to the highest indexing maternal and terminal lines in the Hermitage pyramid.
Reduces transportation costs and logistics.

Embryo’s are now available from the Hermitage Embryo Transfer centre of excellence in Kilkenny, Ireland. This high health facility accommodates the ‘super nucleus’ of Hermitage maternal and terminal line sows and facilitates the dissemination of these genes to producers worldwide through embryo transfer.

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