Hermitage Genetic Nucleus in Russia Sloboda Farm Starts Selling Breeding Stock

The Hermitage Sloboda Nucleus was officially opened by the Governor of the Vologda Region, Mr Oleg Kuvshinnikov on 21st August 2014. This nucleus is the first official Hermitage genetic production centre in Russia.

The total amount invested into this project was €10.5 million. This project was included in the state agricultural support program and is considered as a strategically important project for Vologda region.

Hermitage Sloboda Genetic Nucleus is a fully integrated farm of 1,100 sows and 35 boars with quarantine facilities. Russian law dictates that breeding stock sales must undergo a 30 day quarantine period before despatch. Since the first external sales of high health status animals in November 2014, the farm is now supplying purebred Large White and Landrace gilts and boars, parent hybrid F1 gilts, terminal Maxgro, Duroc, Pietrain and Hyroc (DUxPI) boars to customers all over Russia. Due to the current Russian border closures for live pig and pig meat imports from Europe since January 2014 (because of ASF outbreak in Eastern Europe) there is strong demand from both existing and new Hermitage customers.

The farm is targeting annual sales of around 5,500 gilts along with terminal and maternal line boars and is supported full time by the Hermitage technical support team.

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