Hermitage Genetics continues to supply key customer in Siberia

imagefile (5)This year will see the second phase of supply for the new Altaymyasoprom swine complex development in the Altai region of Western Siberia. The current contract is for the complete stocking of a brand new 5,400 sow farm currently in the final stages of construction. Hermitage will supply more than 5,900 animals, including boars over a five month period from May of this year. This delivery will double Altaymyasoprom’s herd size to 11,000 sows. The company also plans to establish a third 5,400 sow farm, plus a 1,200 sow nucleus unit in 2014. Altaymyasoprom is in the process of building a new feed mill and abattoir. Production performance in their first farm to date has been excellent. The unit operates a Hermitage Closed Herd BLUP programme which is managed by the Hermitage technical support team. We wish Altaymyasoprom continued success with their expansion plans.

Pictured: Mr. Boris Panov, Altaymyasoprom and Mr. Gerry Douglas, Hermitage Genetics at the recent Agro-Farm exhibition in Moscow.

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