Hermitage purebred Landrace GGP and GP females:

Hermitage purebred Landrace GGP and GP females:37c45680-2c7b-46b6-bf68-27d5bb7a7bfb
Secure your herd health status and increase overall sow productivity by purchasing purebred Hyperprolific Landrace GGP or GP gilts straight from the Hermitage Freneystown nucleus. In these times of heightened concerns about biosecurity, it is now more important than ever to secure the health status of your herd while still keeping the focus on improving sow productivity.

How? – Dedicate 10% of your sow herd to purebreds (GGP/GP’s) designated specifically for the production of replacement F1 hybrid parent gilts for the herd.
The top 60% of LR purebreds in Freneystown have an average born alive per litter of 14.23! When animals of this calibre are mated with purebred Large White GGP semen from Hermitage, there is a predicted 8% benefit in born alive in the crossbred litter performance.

The benefits include:
•Possibility of maximizing sow herd reproductive performance, better control of progress
•Possibility of closing the herd with the GGP programme
•All high health gilts delivered to the farm arrive with a known breeding value (MLI)
•Access to the unique award winning Hermitage BLUP breeding programme
•Delivering an 8% increase in numbers born alive per litter when crossed with the opposite Hermitage maternal line (LW semen * LR female) to produce a true F1 Parent gilt
•Production of uniform high performing robust slaughter generation
Purebred Landrace GP’s are now available to purchase directly from our Nucleus farm in several ways.

Gilt purchase options include:
1.  Purchasing gilts at the standard 100kg and introducing them into the herd through a quarantine facility in     accordance with herd vet recommendations
2. Weaner gilt piglets- weaned piglets straight off the sow at 28 days of age in accordance with herd vet recommendations
3. Weaner gilts (heavier)- gilts at 30kg + can also be provided to suit specific clients.
* Consult your veterinary surgeon for the best protocol of stock introduction into your herd. Specific blood testing of animals from the donor herd can be arranged on request.

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Hermitage Genetics can now provide alternative BLUP selection criteria according to individual customer requirements.

MLI 1 – Born Alive
MLI selection is focused on increasing numbers Born Alive above 1kg at birth.

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MLI 2 – Weaning Weight
MLI selection is focused on litter weight at weaning as a means of selecting for high milk yield (heritable trait) and subsequent improved growth rate.

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