Hermitage R&D

Hermitage Genetics

imagefile (1)Supporting the Hermitage ‘Hylean, Hyperprolific, High Health’ breeding programmes is an extensive Research and Development programme focusing on key factors to further enhance the Hermitage product portfolio.

Reproductive Technologies:

• Frozen Semen.
• Embryo Transfer.
• Sperm ultrastructure staining.

Genotype Performance Testing and Evaluation:

• Individual transponder testing.
• BLUP technologies.
• Market specific programmes.

Molecular Biological Applications:

• Marker Assisted Selection.
• Maternal and Terminal traits.
• Hermitage Genetic Database.
• Traceability through DNA identity.
• Mitochondrial and Nuclear genome analysis.

Meat Quality:

• Physical and chemical components of eating quality.
• pH, drip loss, intramuscular fat.
• Colour, taste, water holding capacity, tenderness.

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