Hermitage Succeed in the Ukraine


In Spring 2014 ALLC “Ukraine”Hermitage Success in Uk pic 1 received high health status livestock from Ireland to stock its new farm in Holinka village, Chernihiv region. 560 gilts and 10 boars were delivered in total. After the successful adaptation of animals and insemination [with a conception rate of more than 90 %], the first farrowings started a month ago. The results are impressive due to the excellent genetic potential and good staff. F1 hybrid gilt performance resulted in an average of 13.97 born alive piglets with the average birth weight of 1.4 kgs per head.



This figure is extremely important.  It gives the farm the potential to wean more than 12 piglets from the sow at an average age of 26 days with an average weaning weight of 7.5 kg. Farm staff can focus on their work with sows that are easier to manage and care for their piglets.


Hermitage success in UA pic 2

Hermitage success in UA pic 3

Ukrainian pig producers have long known of the benefits of using Hermitage genetics. Buyers in many regions of the Ukraine benefit from the highest performance indicators and health status from animals originally bred in Ireland. Since June 2015 Hermitage genetics can now also be purchased from a nucleus breeding farm near Kirovograd city, Ukraine.



Contact person: Gennadiy Chernetskiy
Phone: 050 353 222 7
Email: hermitage-ukraine@ukr.net
Website: http://www.hermitagegenetics.com.ua



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