Terminal Lines

imagefile (1)Key Features:                                                                                                                                                             Hyroc is available in TLI 1

• Superior Piglet Viability.
• Excellent Conformation.
• Excellent Growth and Feed Intake.
• Low Food Conversion.
• Excellent Meat Quality.
• High Kill Out % and Carcass Yields.
• High Lean Growth and Primal Yield.
• Halothane Negative.
• Max. Hybrid Vigour and Disease Resistance.
• Optimum Libido.
• High Health Status.

The Hyroc™ is a Terminal Hybrid Boar incorporating both Hylean Duroc and Hylean Pietrain lines thereby optimizing carcass quality and primal yields. The Hyroc™ is a robust, high conformation terminal sire and is suited to all production systems. The progeny of the Hyroc™ are renowned for their vigour and viability. Weaners exhibit excellent disease resistance and vitality during all stages of the production cycle and losses from birth to slaughter are minimized.

All Hermitage Terminal AI boars are individually performance tested and included in the Hermitage Terminal Sire BLUP analysis, generating a unique Terminal Line Index (T.L.I) for each boar.

TLI 1 – Feed Conversion Efficiency

TLI selection criteria is focused on improving the FCE, thus maximising the genetic potential of the growing herd to convert cereals into Lean Meat as efficiently as possible.

TLI1 Graph jpeg





Hyroc performance chart


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