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    23rd February 2017 Genus plc (‘Genus’ or the ‘Group’)   ACQUISITION AND STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP Genus, a leading global animal genetics company, and Hermitage, one of the longest established pig breeding companies in Europe, are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement view more

  • Hermitage F1 Gilts at Moorepark, Ireland

    The new Teagasc (Government) Research and Development farm was stocked with 200 Hermitage F1 gilts. Farrowing began in June 2016 with an average farrowing rate of 96.89 and a BA of 13.8. Hermitage staff organised the quarantine and inseminated the gilts. We wish Moorepark and this impressive facility success with all its R& D projects in the future. New Moorepark Facility pictured below:

  • Genomic Selection 

    Hermitage has geneotyped over 2,000 pigs with a known phenotypic data over the past year.  The genotype involves reading 60,000 base pairs of DNA of individual pigs. An individual pig has approx. 3 billion base pairs in its DNA.  This information is input into a specialised computer programme where view more

  • New Staff Join Hermitage R & D and AI Team 

    Jack Nolan and Edward Healy; who have recently graduated with degrees in Ag science have joined the Hermitage team. As students Jack and Edward worked on Hermitage farms and showed a keen interest in all areas. Hermitage are continually working on a number of R & D projects including Genomic testing, product development and AI processes. Jack Nolan (BAg Sc), Edward Healy (BAg Science), Pat Varley (PHD Ag Sc), Ann-Marie Martin (MAg Sc), Catherine Murphy (Technical Analyst), Bridget Quinlan (Technical Analyst), Liam Downey (Technical Analyst)

  • Synchronising Gilts Proving Very Effective

    In 2015 Freneystown and Muckalee purebred units started to synchronise gilts instead of running a gilt pool and it has proved very efficient. For the first 6 months of 2016 Hermitage maternal line Landrace and Large White gilts at both units averaged a 96.4 farrowing rate and born alive of 13.6.  

  • Hermitage New DM Boar

    The DM boar is a combination of our Top Drawer Duroc and high lean Maxgro. Their progeny show very good birth weight, great vigour and easy to manage weaners. The finishers have excellent FCR, growth, lean yield and KO%. This recent off test DM pictured, grew from 63-128kg at 1444 gram/day 2.07 FCE at 64.5% lean.  DM AI is now available. 

  • Hermitage Top Drawer Duroc

    Hermitage continues to improve its Duroc line. The Top Drawer bloodline includes genes from the USA where they were selected for fast lean growth to 130kg . The progeny of the Top Drawer show excellent birth weight, vigour, growth and FCE. Intensive selection is being view more

  • Hermitage Maternal Lines Making Significant Improvement in Addition to Prolificy

    Hermitage Maternal line Landrace and Large White have made significant improvements in growth rates (-4 days) and FCE (-.1) over the past 4 years. This is primarily due to selection and individual weighing of over 500 pigs per week and a high generation turn over of view more

  • Selection For Birth And Weaning Weight

    Our research team weigh all purebred litters at weaning each week and now have over 4,000 litters weighed in the past 3 years. Our record weight at weaning is 138kg per 14 piglets (9.7kg) at 28 days – which demonstrates the potential of milking ability. Damline view more

  • Hermitage Genetics & SK Kamenka Ltd form partnership in new Genetic Production Centre in Russia

    Hermitage Genetics is expanding its genetic production base in Russia through a new partnership with SK Kamenka Ltd. (CX KAMEHKA) which will entail the stocking of a new ‘state of the art’ 2,600 sow Genetic Nucleus in the Voronezh region, 650 km south of Moscow. view more

  • Come visit us at Eurotier Hanover – Hall 15, Stand 15 F21

    Hermitage will once again attend the Eurotier show in Hanover, Germany from 15-18th November 2016. All of our International Team will be available all week so come visit us in  Hall 15, Stand 15 F21.  

  • The Importance of Improving Food Conversion Efficiency

      UNDERSTANDING THE ECONOMIC SIGNIFICANCE OF FCE       The range in F.C.E. from 40 – 110kg on commercial farms varies greatly from 2.4 – 2.9. This equates to 0.5 F.C.E or 500g of feed per kg live weight gain: costs €9/pig. view more

  • Focus on Milking Ability – Maternal Line Index 2

    Dr Patrick Varley Over the last 10 years there has been a substantial increase in the prolificacy of sows resulting in increased litter size. This is largely due to breeding companies intensively selecting for this trait and prioritising it in their breeding programs. However we view more

  • Sire Line Evaluation

    Sire Line Evaluation (R& D Project 3) Hermitage has established a 120 sow hybrid herd on its nucleus unit for its sireline progeny evaluation. Hermitage understands that continuous sire line evaluation is critical to the advancement of the Hermitage product portfolio. Terminal lines investigated view more

  • Selecting to Meet Traits of Future Economic Importance

    All Hermitage Terminal line females that are selected for breeding in the nucleus herd have an individual FCR below 2.40 which is generated during the feeding period from 58kg to 110kg bodyweight. Their progeny when mated with boars of FCR below 2.10 are now targeting view more

  • Continuous Improvement in Hermitage Maternal Line Programmes

    Update on Hermitage R&D Programmes: Hermitage’s Research and Development programme for the next two years commenced in January 2015 under the supervision of Dr Patrick Varley and the Hermitage team. The programme will utilise the expertise of Universities and Research Institutes. Work will be view more

  • Hermitage Succeed in the Ukraine

      In Spring 2014 ALLC “Ukraine” received high health status livestock from Ireland to stock its new farm in Holinka village, Chernihiv region. 560 gilts and 10 boars were delivered in total. After the successful adaptation of animals and insemination [with a conception rate of more view more

  • Recent Export of Breeding Pigs from Ireland to Armenia

    The first export of breeding stock from Ireland to Armenia was successfully shipped recently. The animals were sent to ‘Vamax, Company’ a mining and agricultural company based in the South East, close to the border of Iran. These were for the population of a new view more

  • Hermitage Genetic Nucleus in Russia Sloboda Farm Starts Selling Breeding Stock

    The Hermitage Sloboda Nucleus was officially opened by the Governor of the Vologda Region, Mr Oleg Kuvshinnikov on 21st August 2014. This nucleus is the first official Hermitage genetic production centre in Russia. The total amount invested into this project was €10.5 million. This project view more

  • Hermitage Meat Quality Evaluation

    Dr Paul Allen, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown. As part of the on-going Meat Quality evaluation of its lines, Hermitage have completed their latest benchmarking trial on their Landrace and Large White Maternal lines with 30 gilts of each breed slaughtered and cut at the view more

  • Impact of Piglet Birthweight on Profitability

    Dr. John Mabry, Professor of Genetics, Iowa State University People who have raised pigs have long realized that the birth weight of a piglet is associated with it potential to make a profit for the pig farmer.  I will refer to this as the ‘Route view more

  • Split-sexing of finishing pigs, the benefits

    Hermitage Genetics has increased the individual ‘testing’ capacity at the Freneystown and Muckalee Nucleus Farms in Ireland. Between both farms there is now the capacity to put more than 5,500 animals through the individual ‘test’ system annually. Freneystown has just completed its first full year view more

  • Hermitage purebred Landrace GGP and GP females:

    Hermitage purebred Landrace GGP and GP females: Secure your herd health status and increase overall sow productivity by purchasing purebred Hyperprolific Landrace GGP or GP gilts straight from the Hermitage Freneystown nucleus. In these times of heightened concerns about biosecurity, it is now more important view more

  • Leading Russian Meat Company chooses Hermitage Genetics

    The Ratimir Meat Company of Vladivostok in Eastern Siberia has selected a major Hermitage Genetics customer in Siberia, Altaymyasoprom as their key partner based on to the exceptional quality of the meat. Ratimir was founded in 1997 and is now one of the leaders in view more

  • Hermitage Genetics Genomic Selection Programme

    In recent months Hermitage Genetics have commenced working with Max Rothschild, a well know swine geneticist from Iowa State University and former US Swine Genome Coordinator, to help further advance their genetics program by employing genomics in two new ways to further increase the rate view more

  • Hermitage Genetics establish a Genetic Nucleus Production Centre with their partner ZAO Shuvalovo in Russia

    The new Hermitage Genetics Russian production centre in the Vologda region –‘Sloboda Nucleus Farm’ took delivery of the first batch of High Health status breeding stock from Ireland on the 31st October 2013. This new enterprise ‘Sloboda Farm’ is situated outside the city of Vologda, view more

  • Top Maternal Line Purebred Sows in Hermitage Genetics Breeding Pyramid

    A recent analysis of Hermitage Genetics PigBLUP Exchange database demonstrated the exceptional reproductive performance being achieved using Hermitage purebred maternal lines. The top 100 purebred Landrace females are averaging 17.01 born alive and the top 100 purebred Large White females are averaging 17.44 born alive. view more

  • Innovation Award for Hermitage Closed Herd Breeding Programmes

    Hermitage Seaborough Ltd. have been awarded the ‘Pre Farmgate Innovation Winner’s Award’ for their ‘Closed Herd BLUP Breeding Programmes’, at the 2013 Pig & Poultry Marketing Awards. The ceremony took place at the London Marriott County Hall on the 9th May. The judges commented that view more


    Following an inspection visit from an official delegation from AQSIQ (The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) of the People’s Republic of China last year, Hermitage Genetics Callan AI station has been officially approved for the export of porcine semen to China. This view more

  • Hermitage Seaborough Open New 260 Boar Stud in Cambridge

    On the 6th and 7th February, Hermitage Seaborough held two very successful open days at the new AI station located at Willingham in Cambridgeshire. Key producers and representatives from the British pig industry were invited for a presentation and tour of the new facility prior view more

  • Hermitage Genetics and Globino Ukraine Conclude Cooperation Agreement

    LLC “RPE “Globinsky Svinokomplex” established a 1230 sow GGP/GP Hermitage Genetics nucleus in the Ukraine in February of last year. The breeding programme is linked directly to the Hermitage PigBLUP Exchange in Ireland and managed by the Hermitage Geneticist and technical support team. The nucleus view more

  • Hermitage Genetics continues to supply key customer in Siberia

    This year will see the second phase of supply for the new Altaymyasoprom swine complex development in the Altai region of Western Siberia. The current contract is for the complete stocking of a brand new 5,400 sow farm currently in the final stages of construction. view more