How Does BreedDirect Work?

BreedDirect is an Accurate Genetic Support Programme for Pig Herds developed by Hermitage Genetics.


BreedDirect combines a BLUP based software programme with expert genetic support which is used to predict the genetic merit of animals based on their on-farm performance for a group of traits of economic importance.

Each purebred animal is identified with a unique identification number at birth. This number is registered in the BreedDirect BLUP system. The programme then examines every record in the BreedDirect BLUP database, analysing the performance of the individual animal and all its relatives across all Hermitage herds worldwide. Economically weighted breeding values for each measured trait of economic importance are then calculated and finally a single Maternal Line Index (MLI) for the selected animal is created.


To view our explanation video on BreedDirect click here: Video

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To make BreedDirect more user friendly and accessible to clients, Hermitage have invested in the development of an automated online programme. Each Hermitage customer will be provided with their own unique log-in and password details to access their individual herd’s Breeding Value (BV) lists and Check Files. These reports will be available online 7 days a week from anywhere in the world via a link from the Hermitage website. Strict confidentiality and security of the system is a priority so that customers can only view their own Breeding Value lists.