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Maternal Lines

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Hermitage Maternal Landrace Lines have been developed since 1958, representing over 50 years intensive selection and testing for reproductive performance traits. The underlying Hermitage Maternal Line Breeding Programmes and BLUP selection indices have been specifically formulated to ensure our Landrace lines are produced with the genetic potential to maximize the number of pigs born and reared in a commercial environment.

Hermitage maintain approximately 12,785 GGP/GP Landrace sows across our nucleus farms worldwide. By selecting the highest indexing GGP females in the population and using Hermitage Mate Select BLUP programmes we continue to rapidly increase our genetic progress for the maternal line traits.

All Hermitage GGP female lines are are registered with the Irish Pedigree Pig Breeders Society, have been Mitochondrial DNA profiled since 2003 and their sires identified in Hermitage’s Molecular Genetic Database.

• GGP and GP Lines.LR Average Star
• Hyperprolific.
• Optimum Growth and High Appetite.
• Excellent Conformation.
• Strong Legs and Bone.
• Back-fat Monitored.
• Proven Longevity.
• Halothane Negative.
• Excellent Temperment.

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