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Terminal Lines

imagefile (5)The Hermitage Terminal Line Index (T.L.I), focuses specifically on the terminal traits including growth rate, feed conversion, backfat, muscle depth and lean % ensuring that the top performing terminal line animals are selected each generation.

In addition to maintaining excellent lean meat % and yield of quality muscle in the main primal cuts, Hermitage have focused increased selection pressure on average daily gain and feed conversion efficiency.

Growth and performance in the finishing stages is critically important and the Hermitage Terminal Line selection programme is specifically designed to optimise performance and ensure the progeny reach slaughter weight in a shorter period of time, thereby reducing the costs of production significantly while maintaining excellent carcass and grading results.

Time and again the Hermitage Terminal Lines have proven in independently conducted trials to produce faster growing, higher yielding slaughter pigs, thereby returning a significant economic advantage to our customers worldwide.

The role of the terminal male in the Hermitage program is to sire litters of pigs that grow fast to heavy market weights, have a high lean meat percentage, and require the least feed possible to produce each slaughter pig.  Hermitage estimates the genetic merit for all of the terminal traits using the BLUP process to get estimated Breeding Values for each trait.  These traits must be combined into a TLI (Terminal Line Index). Therefore, the TLI is comprised of BV’s for all of the terminal related traits, and is designed to be used in selecting terminal sire lines.

However, not all pig farmers want the exact same emphasis on each trait.  Some farms want to improve growth, lean meat percentage and feed conversion at similar levels.  But other farms are more concerned with having a high lean meat percentage in the finished pigs sold to their slaughter house.

Because of these different needs by different pig farms, Hermitage offers the customer two different TLI’s that can be used in their genetic improvement program.

TLI 1 – Feed Conversion Efficiency

TLI selection criteria is focused on improving the FCE, thus maximising the genetic potential of the growing herd to convert cereals into Lean Meat as efficiently as possible.

TLI1 Graph jpeg

For those pig farms that want a broader emphasis across all traits, the use of TLI 1 is recommended.





TLI 2 – Lean Meat percentage

TLI selection criteria is specifically focused on optimising Lean Meat % and carcass quality.

TLI2 jpeg

For those pig farms that want more emphasis on lean meat percentage, the use of TLI 2 is recommended.


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